Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Popularity =/= Quality  yeah, really

So, I decided to transfer my comic posted on 1up here. This one is not the one that I will post on Friday, rest easy.

Do you guys remember the Spice Girls? They make a lot of success ten years ago and disappeared. Were they good? No. Were they popular? Insanely. But here is the only thing that matters. Something really good, like Mozart and the Beatles will survive the test of time. Everything else got forgotten.

The same goes to games. Is COD a bad game who is insanely popular? Not sure. Ask me ten years later and we may have an answer. The good things goes on and the bad ones disappear. Hopefully.

Also, if you had difficulty seeing this blog it is because Google bots marked it as spam, but apparently everything is fine again. Great!


  1. Damn Googlebots! They scared me for a second when it said your blog no longer existed.

  2. If you was scared, multiply it a thousand! I couldn't even access my gmail account! And that is basically the only e-mail I use. Gladly everything is fine again and I must be able to post a new comic this friday.


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