Friday, December 30, 2011

Enter the Nerd!

When I was younger, being a nerd was not a cool thing. I loved every single thing a nerd would love. Comics, RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, cartoons and anime, Star Trek and videogames. None of those things would make you cool at that time. Nor get you a girl.

But today we kinda live in a time were being a 'nerd' is at least acceptable. You can like Batman and Spider-man. You can read comics and play games in public without being considered a loser who lives in your parent's basements. Damn, people may even respect you.

The change is basically the fact that people otherwise considered 'nerds', like Jobs, Gates, the guy who created Facebook and the other guys who created Google are highly successful today. And let's face it, what society respects is success and money. If you achieve those, no matter if you barely now how to write your name or if you like My Little Poney, people will dismiss it as a eccentricity.

But as all things, this can be just a cycle that will pass. So, what to do? Be yourself is the best advice I can give. Don't follow 'trends' just because it is... trendy. Follow them if you like or don't if you dislike. Do and be what you want to. Maybe that is the only way to be really happy.

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