Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Definition of Madness

Sorry for not updating here for so long. New job, lack of creative ideas and other stuff kinda hold me back. I will try really hard to update at least once a week. I also decided to use less characters in my comic, to make it easier to tackle the characters. So, Momotaros, Rei, Miku and Eyes will probably be the only ones I will use from now on.

Now, if you played Far Cry 3, you know one of the main villains, Vaas, defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time. It is how many game 'fans' act. They see something they don't like, rage over the internet a lot, buy whatever they raged over anyway, the game companies do it again, they rage again, buy product again and you get the idea.

Keeping this same vicious cycle every time, expecting things to change, will never cause change. Doing something different, like refusing to buy a game that do something you don't like, instead of buying it because you 'need' to play it, is what will cause change. Repeating the same rage-buy-rage process over and over again changes nothing.

With such a bunch of self-centered, instant-gratification seekers that many people become today, it is very hard to see any change. Maybe people are really mad. How else we can explain people doing the same things over and over again expecting things to change?