Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I game

People have several reasons to game. I started gaming just to distract me. I was never the most brilliant player and got stuck easy in games with high difficulty and/or who asks for good skill. Till my PSone, I most played for the distraction. Things changed in 1998.

I bought my PSone in that year and discover that games can convey a story worth to be heard. That I could play a game not because of the high scores or to challenge my friends. But because I was interested in discover what would happen next. Story at the time was just becoming important, so, sure, many of those stories where not Nobel worth material, but they were funny, despite skin deep at best.

Story in games today is becoming more important, not just a detail to be added later. Some great, even somewhat deep stories are being told around. I will set most games to easy so I can get to the end of a game and learn the story being told. But that is me.

That is why I am asking you guys now: Why YOU game? Vote on the box on the side and leave a comment here. Let us hear your reasons to game. :)


  1. Did you listen to A Life Well Wasted? Probably the highest production values in a video game podcast I've ever seen. And chock full of content. Talk about professional.

  2. Not yet. Send me the link if possible.


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