Friday, January 6, 2012

Anonymous: Terrorists in Disguise

SOPA, the Stop On-Line Piracy Act. I have very few knowledge about it, being not from USA and not being a lawyer. Hope the Wikipedia article help anyone in doubt to make their own, conscious opinion about it. I am particularly against it because it is vague and don't see to be very effective. It is not like USA can make something about foreigner sites. Again, I am no lawyer and can't help you guys much here.

I understand and support people creating non-physical content, like movies, photos, texts and programs to protect their intellectual property.  I would hate that some of my texts ended-up being used by someone to have a profit at my expenses without me receiving something for a thing that I spent my time creating. I just don't see SOPA being this mechanism.

That is why every site I visit and leave a comment about the matter I put myself against it. But one thing I am not trying to do is terrorism.

Who are they? Who give them permission and/or authority to make anything against the people supporting SOPA? Anon say they are fighting for free speech. And they are fighting for it by hurting (financially or morally) anyone who don't behave as they wish. You are pro-SOPA? No, you can't. They will find you and make everything their skills allow them to make you regret disagreeing with them.

Anonymous says they are fighting for people who aren't able to understand what is happening. Funny, I haven't see them trying anything in their power to enlighten people. They didn't created sites telling people why SOPA is bad. They didn't gone to TV, radio or newspaper saying why they are against. They even didn't hacked in the SOPA supporter's sites and put a manifesto there. No, they are outright going to cause any damage they can to the supporters until they give up and start to follow Anonymous own agenda to the letter.

It is not me who is stating this. It is them.

That is what terrorist do. They make people fear their reaction to the point that going against them become a risk. It does not matter the will of many. Their own agenda  is what matters. It does not matter if innocent bystanders are hurt in the process. They are just collateral damage, needed for the 'greater good'.

What their acts will accomplish? With luck, nothing.  With bad luck, something worst them SOPA. It happened before. When terrorists made the infamous 9/11, against the american imperialism, what happened? First, several liberties were taken in an attempt to stop them. Second, USA made two disastrous wars to fight them. Lots of 'collateral damage'. Did the terrorists gained anything? No.

That is what Anonymous acts will do to internet freedom. They will make everything worse for everyone. They will be the escape goat needed to approve more restricting laws in the internet. And everything because they cannot accept that people have the right to disagree with them.

So, Anonymous, what you will do? Will you try to attack me because I don't agree with you? Because who is going to stop you? Who is going to protect me if you decide to shut me up? In fact, who is going to protect anyone against Anonymous when they decide that what we believe is wrong?

They are Anonymous. They are terrorists. They don't care about your freedom as long as they have theirs.


  1. I don't think you can compare Anonymous to terrorists. They go after greedy, immoral corporations in more ways than just hacking. They organize demonstrations against Scientology who spend a lot of money on smear campaigns against their detractors, which is why they became an anonymous group of individuals to start with. The people who do the hacking aren't going after individuals or members of the public. Unfortunately they are sometimes collateral damage, as with the Sony PSN hack. No credit card details were fraudulently used though, as that wasn't their motive.

  2. And don't terrorists go against their 'enemies', like a foreign country messing with their own or people who goes against the Islam? All the bystanders, including their own people, are all collateral damage.

    The fact that their cause is a 'good' one does not mean they don't use terrorist tactics to bend people to their will.

  3. *Or against the Bible/whatever they think they defend?


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