Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Queer Drake and Elizabeth's Boobs

Ok, where to start...

People have suggested that Nathan Drake, Uncharted protagonist, would make a great homosexual character. First, I do understand why people would like to see a great homosexual character, who is as cool as all the hetero ones without being a stereotype. But I disagree with getting an existing character and making him this one. Why?

Drake have a relationship. Saying that he have trouble with them is a sign of homosexuality is oversimplifying people. Heterosexual people have the right to have trouble in finding a stable relation as much as homosexual people. The same can be said for homosexuals not having trouble in accepting who they are and finding a partner. I know they will have trouble being accepted in our current society, but this is not the point.

Drake does not need to be gay. It does not improve him as character neither make any kind of favor to the homosexual community. Being tricked in believing he is hetero then saying he was a homo all the time it is not the right way to do it. It will damage the character without making players accept homosexual people more or better.

Now making a cool gay character a main character in a game... That is what we really need. Diversification. Make a great game with a gay character. Let people know that gay people are cool. But changing the sexuality of an established character because you can will not make any favors to games, homosexuals or anyone. Except the guys proposing this, who would fell empowered as if they can steer the industry at their will.

And now for....

I like her style.
See. Levine, one of the game's creator, do not like how much talk her boobs have generated. They are not that big, to start, they are in fact being... what is the word.... smashed to give the impression of being bigger. And this was an effect that women tried to achieve. I am not sure if it is correct for the time frame where Bioshock Infinite is set, but that is not the damn point.

We don't know Elizabeth beyond her visuals. So, we have not much to talk beyond her looks. Another point is simple. After a whole day looking to common people, we don't want to look at them in or fiction. We want to escape reality when seeing movies, TV or playing games. And believe me, if they made her more caste or more commonly, people would complain.

Until the game comes out, I will reserve judgment about what kind of character she is. The way she looks is not and should never be the important thing to judge, be it a real or fictional person, but how she behave, how she thinks. One mistake people make is that pretty people does not do 'normal' jobs or worse, pretty people can't do the 'exciting' stuff either. They can't be cops, scientists or whatever is considered cool. They can and probably do. Not every single pretty person is an actor/actress or super model.

And again, gaming is escapism. Every media whose objective is entertainment is not about realism, but about making people having a good time. If they can give the good time and make people think, the better. But I will not condemn mindless fun either. There must exist space for both.

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  1. I definitely agree with your views about Drake. If they want to make a good gay video game character, they need to have planned to make a gay character from the start. Saying a character is gay afterwards, with no thought to developing the character that way to begin with, isn't really the greatest idea. I think it would send the wrong message.


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