Monday, July 16, 2012

PVC Introduces: The Thunderdome! (Updated)

In my old days at Destructoid, one of the best features they had was their debates between two members of the community, followed by a popular voting selecting the one who best defended the theme choose for that specific theme. I always love a good debate, made in a civil manner showing the points between two sides of the same questions. Destructoid haven't done one in a while, which is unfortunate. Of course, being a relatively big site means they have plenty of stuff to do. So I decided to make my own debate between people that visit my blog. I call it....

The Thunderdome!

The Thunderdome have very simple rules. Basically, I will propose a theme, a simple yes or no question about pop culture (gaming, comics, movies, cartoons, anime, manga, TV, music, etc...), let two people choose their sides and defending it, them letting the visitors to my site decide who best defended their proposition. So, let's start with the rules for the debaters:

1. Keep it civil: you can use profanity as much as you want, as long as you respect the opposing sides. Despite this being called The Thunderdome, it doesn't mean a battle to death with dwarfs riding mentally challenged giants. Respect the debaters, this site and the people commenting in it.

2. First calls keep it: Once I proposed the themes, the first ones to call dibs on their side will keep it. I will make a selection of ten themes at a time and you can choose up to two of them. You can choose the themes at Twitter through @plastvideocomic or send me an e-mail using

3. Make it happen: After choosing a theme, you will have ten days to send me the text to the blog's e-mail, up to 600 words and three pictures of your choosing. If you aren't able to send me the text in ten days, I will put the theme up to choosing again.

4. You are free to defend your points at the comments: After going live, if the debaters wants, they can counterpoint each other or any other person commenting, as long as it is kept in a civil and respectful manner.

5. You can propose your own themes: If there is a point you want to make about any theme involving pop culture, you can suggest it. I will be happy to put it live. Just make sure to choose themes with relevance to the pop culture scenario.

6. I will remain neutral in this: I will not vote, nor I will comment about the points being made. I will only interfere if I perceive a personal attack is being made. Hope I have not to.

7. Remember to enjoy doing it.

Now that we have established some rules for the debaters (I may change them if I see fit, but will inform people of the changes beforehand), here are the 10 themes for the first batch of The Thunderdome's themes:

Is backwards compatibility really important for consoles? Sean Daisy will do the argument against the proposition. Who will argue for it?

Are sequels negatively impacting movies and games?

Are comics today unwelcoming of newcomers? Xzyliac will be against the proposition.

Should games deal more with sexual themes?

Is Kickstarter really starting a revolution?

Will OUYA change the game industry?

Are remakes bad?

Geek and nerd culture exists?

Should games always be fun?

Is Superman a good character?

Choose your theme, the side you want to defend (yes or no) send me a direct message via Twitter or e-mail and I will put it up as soon as possible. Just remember to read the rules. And now I will put here the voting rules. I will put the voting rules every time a theme goes live, but just to give a preview:

1. Choose the best debater: base your vote on the strength of the argument and in how well it was presented to you. You can only choose one. You are free to justify your voting.

2. Keep it civil. Personal attacks against any debater, people commenting or myself will be deleted: you are free to state your opinion. Not to offend the people involved in the discussion. If you cannot abide to this, you have no place here.

3. You cannot change votes, so think carefully.

4. Do not spam: if you have a point to make, make it in the comments.

5. Try to not deviate of the discussion: I know sometimes one topic brings up another. I will warn you if you are deviating too much of the topic at hand. We can save the new topic in a future Thunderdome.

Well, that is pretty much it. I really hope this work out and we can have great debates. Remember that if there is a theme you want to discuss to tell me. I will try to fit it in the ones I proposed. See you soon.

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