Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7 Old Cartoon Girls I had a Crush on

As a male boy, when we are young, we all have those weird feelings and stuff happening to us. And after passing the age of treating girls as number one enemies, we start looking at anything female in a different light, and specially with an intention way different than making them cry because we tossed bugs at them. Some of them are almost nerd sex symbols today. Characters like:

Yes, April had a penchant for being kidnapped, but ropes, a hot red head... you got the idea...

Cheetara is the one character I would go furry for. And in fact, I blame her for all the furries we have today.

He-man was way better cartoon. But She-ra and her female friends were way hotter than anyone in He-man's party.

A lot of guys loved the blonde girl, but I always had a weak spot for Gi.

Bad girl with glasses and in leather? The Baroness is probably the greatest fetish girl in cartoons.

A lot of kids(and some adults) probably had some funny feelings watching Roger Rabbit. After all, look at Jessica, his wife. Lucky rabbit.

My first cartoon crush. The third red-head in my list. Hmm. But damn, I loved this sweet girl.

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