Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Because I am a Girl

For some weird reasons, my Twitter was discussing toys for boys and girls this morning. I am of the opinion that the children must pick up any toy they show interest in and the parents should try to talk with them their reasoning behind the choice. Many times is not what many of us would expect.

There is in modern society an expectation about what a boy should like and what a girl should like. While I believe most times boys will be inclined to boys toys and girls to girls toys out of some genetic coding, I don't see why we should restrict their choices based on societal expectations.

Also, some times I believe that humanity would benefit the most if we could change the sex or racial characteristics of people who are sexist and/or racist. It would make them a lot of good by having to live a few months in the shoes of the people they hate to them to understand why they deserve respect.

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