Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Fear Grows

This picture just appeared in my Twitter. The text was in it already, not my addition, neither I believe it is Anita Sarkeesian words or anything. I already talked a bit about what are my fears about her project about videogames. And honestly, this pic makes nothing to change my fears. First, this is the positive views, that I have not hope to see it happens:

Warning: I have no evidence about what Anita is going to do in her videos, this is pure speculation of my part.

She will play all of those games, to have a huge diversity in female portrayals, from different teams with different philosophies. She will take her time to play all of them, carefully analysis the female portrayals in the context of the game, its story and how the characters interact between each other. She will put them in perspective and will not only take on the bad examples, but also, she will present any good examples she find out, and will comment if the proportion of bad examples is bigger than the good examples. She will carefully explain why she believe something is bad and compare it with the good portrayals she come across.

If possible, she will seek for others opinions, like the game creators and will not make any assumption of their intents without having talked to them. She will not dismiss anything without making a point, based not in personal feelings but in an informed opinion.

well, that is what I hope she do, but I have troubling believing it will be.. here is what I fear she will do, and it is mere speculation from my part:

She will not play all those games. She will select a few games more likely to confirm her point of view, play them for an hour and take whatever she can at face value. She will not mind any games whose portrayal of female characters are not sexist or don't help her make her points. She will not search for any interview and try to understand what the game creators wanted by making certain characters. She will just assume they are sexists with the worst intentions. She will take characters from popular games and interpret them in a way who fits he points of view.

She will make sure that any character she find that is not a sexist portrayals have at least on fault that she can use against them and will just roll her eyes and say come on on many of them without taking anything else then her own prejudices about them. that any argument stating how she may be wrong will be dismissed as an argument a sexist would use. Also, look at the games in the pile? What kinda of sexism she hopes to find in games like Little Big Planet, who have no human beings in there, Blur, a racing game where you only see the cars or Virtua Tennis 4, a game who only use characters who resemble real people?

Again, I will watch all of her videos, and give her a fair chance to prove my hopes to be right and not my fears. That many of those games in that huge pile are games she already owned and she just put in there. But all of this make me lose my hope and grow in fear. So, I ask of you, Anita Sarkeesian, to be fair in your videos.

Or else, you will hurt your cause, a cause worth fighting for, more than help.

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