Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How Someone Can Love What You Hate? Easy, They Are Not You

Go to any popular site, about basically everything, and go to the comments section of any article praising something. You will always find that someone who will wonder how people can love that thing and how they fail to understand how bad that thing really is. Many times you will find this same person popping up every time someone mention that thing just to repeat how much he hate it and how he cannot understand how people love it. I will help you to understand.

Because people are different.

People are unique. There is no two people who are the same, who are exposed to the same experiences and the exactly same environment. Because people are different, they develop different tastes. What you may consider awful, people may see good. What you see as weird, people may see it as innovative. 

Trying to 'teach' people why they should hate something will usually fail. People don't like things because of logical reasons, they like it because it make them feel good. Basically, it is a state of mind, not a choice make by following some kind of process. If they feel good while using/playing/listening/watching something, a process who don't involve some kind of logic, they will love it. If someone don't feel good with the same thing, they will hate it.

Many will put that only idiots will love some thing. It is just those people trying to feel better than others, because it is not a question of intelligence. Sure, some things have more appeal to children and teenagers for example, who don't have enough life experience than older people and whose brains work differently from an adult, but this is not a question of intelligence. Education can have an influence, as it can have age, but it is not that people are dumber for liking something you hate. They may be actually as smart or as educated as you, maybe even more. A person taste is not defined by one factor, but by their whole life experiences.

If there is one people who sound stupid it is the person who always is complaining about something others love. The ones who are always posting comments in every single article talking about the thing they hate others love and trying to justify to everyone who love that thing how wrong they are for liking that. 

It is stupid. You can hate whatever you like and people can love whatever they want. You can state your opinion, but trying to convince people to your point of view in something that don't have logical and/or practical implications is silly. It is not something who involves facts that you can use, but feelings, and forcing people to change feelings based only in other feelings is not something that works.

Hate all you want, you are free to do it. But let people love all they want to. 

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