Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mass Effect 3 is Biting Me Back

I finally decided to finish Mass Effect 3, finally being in the mood for close this trilogy (being a PS3 player, meaning two games and an interactive comic). I decided to bite the bullet and play with the save file from ME2 that I was not happy with my decisions. And this bullet decided to bite me back, hard.

I am loving to see my decisions from the previous games coming back and haunting me. Many decisions who looked to be the right choices at the time are now proving to be not quite the best choice. And this is far from be a bad thing. Because now I am in the need to fix my errors and use my past decisions in ways to save my ass and the galaxy.

Most games you play with choice making don`t have long term consequences. They usually have very short timed effects, with a consequence of a choice being immediately and not live haunting. Mass effect 3 is not shying away from hunting me. I have those short term consequences, but it is the long term ones who most impress me.

*Spoilers Ahead*

For example, choosing Udina as Citadel Counselor instead of Anderson proved in the long term to suck. He betrayed me and almost put all the war effort to lose by joining Cerberus. It was a pleasure them to put a bullet in him. But it showed me that my past mistakes were not pass unchecked in this game.

I know a lot of people got pissed because the end in the game was not individually tailored, but it is clear that while you are going for the end, all your past decisions is affecting your game. And that is to me more hard work and deserving of praise than individual tailored endings. The fact that my journey is filling unique and that my decisions from past games need to be addressed as I play, and not in an ending that I will have no say anymore, anyway.

If you played Mass Effect 2 and loved it, I completely recommend you to play ME3. If you never played Mass Effect before, I recommend you to play all games in the series if possible before jumping to 3. And if you hated any previous Mass Effect game, than there is nothing here for you.

Mass Effect series shows off that a lot of dedication was put to make sure your decisions matter. Maybe not at the very end (as many things happen to be like that) but they sure make a difference in your path. Than you will have the pleasure to discover how important it feels to have past decisions come back to bite you in the ass. And be happy for it.

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