Sunday, June 17, 2012

Outsider's Perspective

When you have an emotional attachment to something, sometimes is really to realize when you are not being logical and fair, but being passionate and biased. It is something that happens a lot in games. Due to many of us being gaming since childhood and had a hard time to convince people that games is not just for little kids, we have a particular attachment to them.

It is a bad thing sometimes because we let our passion for games blind ourselves for its real problems and also because we hate when people deemed as outsiders warn us about those problems. Sometimes a point of view of people who aren't so deep in the hobby can be a good thing, but most gamers and the press will jump in the throats of anyone they deem not part of the gaming scene.

Which is bad, since sometimes we need an outsider's perspective to be able to see the problem ourselves and start working to solve it. So, next time you see someone who is not part of the industry or a gamer saying something about games, try to listen to them and think about what they say before throwing stones around.

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