Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Hate HD Remakes? Stop Being Selfish

When the news of an Okami HD remake for the Playstation 3 hit the news yesterday, many people was happy. A great game was receiving a new chance. But them a lot of people started complaining (the second thing gamers love to do in the internet) that they don't want this remake. That they already have played the game, that Capcom should spend money in new games. You know what I call you, gamer who don't want the remake because you already played it?

I call you selfish.

See, Okami was not a huge sales success. If it was, probably we would still have Clover Studios. The developer closed after launching Okami, a great game with so much uniqueness in it that there is still not a game we can call a successor (despite having a sequel in the DS called Okami-den, it is the original who most people remember). How many games you know you play as the wolf avatar for the sun goddess? Or that explore the Japanese mythology so deeply? Or that have a truly unique, beautiful artwork? Or such innovative gameplay mechanics? Not many, I tell you.

If you had the opportunity to play the game on the PS2, I am really glad you did it. You probably had a great time playing it. But you know how many copies Okami sold? According to Wikipedia, less than 600,000 copies in both the PS2 and the Wii. Two consoles that if you add their unities sold numbers, will surpasses the hundreds of millions. It means that millions of gamers never played Okami.

So, it means that, hey, if you didn't allow this HD release, you will not allow millions of people to have the chance of playing one of the best games ever made (my opinion). That you are just wishing that millions of games that never had the chance to never have the chance.

HD remakes aren't made just to people buy the same game twice. They are made to give the chance for players who never had a PS2 or Wii or never played Okami to play it. No need to grab an old PS2 and a used copy who may be hard to find and play the game in their current gen consoles. If you really think that this is a money grab for gamers to pay twice, you are selfish and short-sighted.

The PS2 and the Wii, despite popular, may not being a console many people have or had. So, to many people, if an HD remake for their current gen consoles is never made, it means they will never have the chance to play those games.

So, stop being selfish. Don't think only about what you want. There are millions of gamers who may want the chance to play Okami for the very first time and this is their chance. Everyone should have the chance to play certain jewels. So let them have the chance.

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