Tuesday, May 8, 2012

7 Reasons a Game Character Boyfriend Would Suck (for everyone)

Yesterday I pointed the reasons I believe a videogame female character girlfriend would be awful. Probably a lot of guys then wished to be like male game characters to conquer those girls, and many girls want to have one of those hot guys with them. Well, similar to the female characters, those guys have lots of problems who would make dating them (or be them) as horrible as the game girls. issues like...

7. Bringing their work home.

They will always be involved with their jobs. It is not that they are career oriented, but it is that they just cannot leave the job separated from their personal lives. In the middle of dinner they will have to pick that call, solve the problems that nobody else can and rush to the office in the middle of night. They are very good at their jobs and everyone become dependent on them.

It is not that they don't want to have time, they just cannot have time. because if they don't give their job priority, a lot of people would suffer, they are forced to be always available for it. Which sucks when you are left home, alone, while he saves the world.

6. They have trouble letting the past go.

They will be trapped in their past. They will be always haunted by dead relatives, girlfriends, friends, unfinished business, traumatic events. No matter how much time passes and how much help they get, they will never let the past go, always sorry because they couldn't do things differently. And because of that, everybody around them would be sad and troubled for things that they aren't really related to.

And about the past...

5. Their ex-girlfriends never go away.

It is not that he don't love you. It is that his ex have trouble accepting they aren't in love with them. They will always be around, tempting him. If you are lucky. Some will be crazy bitches who will do everything to make his current girlfriend unhappy (or dead), while trying to get the man back. This kind of women have no limits and aren't intimidated easily. And many times the guys will defend them, the assholes.

4. They have psychological issues.

They come with anger management issues, depression, traumas and all kind of behavioral problems that would make any relationship a hell. Trying to have any romantic relationship with a troubled mind is severe stressing to the sane party, while the troubled party would hardly recognize all the efforts to make him get over his problems. Really, those guys needs first to solve their issues before starting a relationship.

3. They have a fear of commitment.

Some of those guys knows of their problems. Some of them love their jobs too damn much. Other like the freedom of not be in a relationship grants. All of this results in men who fear having a relationship, out of concern that it would be doomed from the start. This would make starting and maintaining the relationship very hard, as many of those guys would sabotage it in out of their fear that things would get wrong anyway and them would be more hurtful later.

2. Some would be completely assholes.

Others would not have any trouble. They would feel like they are kings of the world and demand to be treated like that. They would not treat a girl as a partner, a friend and a lover, but just as one more of his conquests. And he would throw any girl away once he got bored and go ahead to get other one who picks his interest. What a dick.

1. Real girls would hate them anyway.

In the end, videogame male characters either falls in the douche category or the whiny emo one. He would either be full of himself and most girls (the nice ones, at least) would run away from him, knowing he is a player who only care about himself and his problems. The whiny one would also be centered around himself, but instead of being cool, he is just a loser.

So, any decent girl around would never be interested in those guys, what make wanting to be like them meaning that you don't want any serious relationship. And any girls who find themselves with one of those guys, I am sorry, but you are wasting your time on them.

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