Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keep Your Love Story Out of My Movie!

Why every action movie nowadays seems to have a romantic interest sub plot? It seems you cannot see a movie about demigods, battles, explosion and giant robots without the lead character having to deal with his love life in some way or another. And it got me questioning why?

See, if a girl want to see a romantic story, I doubt they will ever choose to go see a movie like Thor or Captain America. They will go see a movie specific made to tell a love story. It will probably tell a better love story than any action movie. Because an action movie should be about the action, you know? A girl going to an action movie is likely wanting to see action scenes, like most guys. So adding romance 'for the girls' is stupid as hell.

Take the Spider-Man trilogy, for example. It is a big let down because it cannot decide if it is a movie about a super-hero fighting super-villains or about a nerd guy trying to score with a busty red head. It make the movies painful to watch (specially the third one) because everyone wanting to see action is forced to withstand half of the movie looking at Parker making a foul of himself and Mary Jane crying. And anyone interested in the romance is forced to withstand that outlandish action sequences.

Those romantic subplots rarely serve any purpose as character development, because they have no time to make character development in an action movie. So, what we have is the usual girl talk hero to be a better person and hero do it immediately, because that is how character development works. It is just unnecessary.

'WOW! Now that I spent two minutes talking with you I am a better guy! Thanks!`
That is why The Avengers is such a great action movie. They don`t dwell in attempts to do some kind of deep character development or showing how love can make the characters better people. They just have to deal with the menace and fight it. The plot involves them trying to find a solution for the menace and not trying to solve some personal problems. even the start with the team trying to be a team are better because it is not what they are dealing with, relationship issues. They just have an ego problem they let aside because, well, THE WORLD IS IN DANGER! They don`t let personal stuff get in the way of saving the world.

An Action Movie must be about the action. People who goes to movies want to see action. The Avengers proved it. So, please, stop trying to make action movies love stories. It sucks.

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