Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I Would (And Wouldn't) do If I Had Superpowers

So, I believe that every person in the world have imagined what they would do if they had superpowers at least once. With so many superhero movies today, it would not be a surprise many are thinking about it right now, like I am. Superpowers would be pretty cool, of course, but nobody can say for sure what exactly they would do with them. But what I would do is far less epic and way more practical.

- I would never become a hero or a villain: No. I would not put a costume and go save people from fires or start robbing banks or conquer the world. I would not do that because those things attracts attention, unwanted attention. Somebody else could have superpowers, and be more powerful than me. So, we would clash all the time. And normal people would be worse. If you become a superhero, they will nag about how you don't do enough for them and having to medley with everyone's small problems. Or every other superpowered being on Earth and the universe would pick up fight s with me. No, I would keep my powers a secret as long as I can and never use them in situations were people could see me.

- I would never have an uniform: No matter how cool they are, they are nothing but trouble. If you want to keep your identity secret, you would also need to keep the uniform secret. Since I have no intention of ever showing my powers in public, an uniform would be the worst thing. A white t-shirt, a common blue jeans and some popular shoes, with a common ski mask is hard to track down to someone and would work just fine, if I ever need to use my powers were someone might see me.

- I would figure a way to win money with my powers: If I discover I have super speed, I would become the best runner ever, winning prizes and advertising deals. If i could fly faster than sound, I would go to countries were certain products are cheaper and resell them on my country. If I could read minds, I would participate in game shows. Things like that, always making sure to not show that all of my prowess is due to my superpowers.

- I would never try to impress a girl with them: Because lets face it, people sucks. My wannabe lover would be astonished, but them she would nag me out about how I use my powers. And once you tell this secret to one person, soon everybody will know them too. No, if you want to have peace and superpowers, nobody, even your beloved one, must know your secret. See what Delilah did to Samson!

- Last and more important, I would not use my powers to kill every one who angers me: Because if I could kill everyone that piss me off, oh boy, the temptation. But as soon you start getting some sweet revenge, people would start connecting those people with you. And I want to keep a secret of all those superpowers things, remember?

If comics and movies told me something, is that having powers is only complicated until you decide to show them of. If you keep them for themselves, you can improve your life while keeping all the problems that come with powers at bay.

Because being a hero means you will always got hurt and lost beloved ones, while being a villain means you always lose. So, I prefer to keep my current life, thank you. But some telepathy would be very hand, really.

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