Friday, May 4, 2012

OK, Are They Trolling Us?

From time to time, some guy, usually from Japan, marries a videogame character. Then we proceed to mock the hell out of this loser whose only love is from a virtual character who probably have a very few things to talk with you. The media make a fuss, everyone laugh a little and the poor soul goes back to do whatever he did before.

What cross my mind every time that this kind of thing happens, is if the dude really is some kind of nuts who need some medical help as fast as possible, or if he is clever enough to know that kind of shit gets a lot of attention.

Because, come on man, you are not that ugly!
See, these guys probably don't appear on TV shows or this kind of thing for free. We all know that TV and newspapers pays people to have interviews and such things. Damn, there is probably a few girls out there who contacted those guys in hope of making them forgot their game wives.

And of course, we all know how humans love some attention, even if it means being mocked by everyone they know and people who don't know them. They just want the attention (which is as worrisome in the matter of mental health as marrying a bunch of pixels). 

Pretty pixels, but pixels nonetheless.
There is people who will have disturbing fantasies with celebrities or virtual characters, we all know cases, not only in Japan, but most of them keep it for themselves until some family member asks for help or something like that. Proudly doing it in public is more akin to an attention seeker than to someone who really believes to be in love with a virtual character.

I mean, it is not like those virtual ladies are some sophisticated AI. They probably have just a few thousands of pre-made sentences, at best. Falling in love with them seems pretty hard to me. And if you are already so delusional to be in love with a virtual character, you probably have several other problems to deal with.

'Hmm, I feel an urge to kill everyone now. My wife asked for blood.'
I think that maybe the first guy, out of mental problems, may have really believed to be in love with his game, but the guys who appeared afterwards all seems more in seek of the attention (and maybe some money), than believing their games are in love with them.

Honestly, those guys needs help, not notoriety. They are more pitiful than funny. Or maybe they are way more smart than we think, and while we are laughing at them, they have all the money their brief fame made for them.

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