Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At Least, Try it First!

Two recent game announcements made the talks in the internet in this last week. Sony announced their Smash Bros version, called All-Stars Battle Royale, and Treyarch/Activision announced Black Ops 2, the sequel to Black Ops. Of course, everyone has an opinion, but weirdly enough, many already passes judgement on both games and say that they suck. Why they say that? Based on the videos released and how they feel about the franchise and the companies who make them.

They haven't played the games.

That is right, apparently the videos and screen shots are more than enough to pass a fair judgement on the quality of the titles. It does not matter that people who played the game (in the Sony's case, at least) have said the game is quite good. It doesn't matter that nobody played the games (in the case of Black Ops 2). It is enough to just trust their gut reaction and say they will pass on those games because 'it does not seem they will be good'.

It remembers me of spoiled kids, who says with all the power of their lungs that they hate the dish they are being offered, despite never had eaten them before. No one can convince such kids to at least try the dish before raging about how much they dislike them. And gamers, who should be grown ups are behaving in those two cases like those spoiled children.

Black Ops 2 can be the very first Call of Duty to at least try to vary the formula that have being used over and over again, since they are using a near-future setting and Treyarch seems to be wanting to try some degree of variation to the classic formula. I will wait for more details on the game before passing any judgment. If Treyarch can breath some new life in this franchise, all the better.

In case of Sony's game, everyone is already passing it as a shameless rip-off, a clone. People who actually played the game said it does not feel like they are playing Smash Bros. That the game is actually quite fun. Yet haters, despite never have played the game, seems eager to pass off the game without trying it.

Many are so in love with Nintendo that the slightly thought of someone trying to do something in the same vein puts them in 'Hulk' mode. Others just don't like Sony in general, something that is 'trendy' this generation of gaming, so they see it as another opportunity to bash the company, because that is what is 'cool'.

Others says that Sony should have being original, but if all games needed to be 100% all original in stories, settings and gameplay we would have way less games than we have today. Any FPS would not exist, with maybe the exception of any id games.

Well, I really wish both games to turn out pretty good. I wish that for all games, but I really wish those both cases turn out to be good or even better than the games they inspired. Than I really wish to see what those gamers will do, while everyone who gave them a chance to proof that they are worth buying are having fun and they will have to either eat their words or pass the opportunity to play because they don't want to pass for fools after bashing so hard both of them.

I beg gamers all around the world to not be the spoiled kid. To not be the one who will miss great games because they passed judgement without playing. Try them at least. Take a bite before saying you hate it. How many great games you may have missed because the game 'didn't looked good'. A game should not be judged by its videos and still shots, but by actually playing them.

So, I ask of you: play first, hate later.

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