Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My 6 Favorite Characters in my Webcomic

So, have being a few months since I started my own blog and this webcomic. I think I have already more than a 100 published, counting the extra editions. And probably more than twenty different characters have graced the pages of it. So, of course, I have my favorite ones, and here are they:

6. The Silly Putty Monster:

He just want love. And he would do anything for it. Including sexual harassment and being a douche. I like him because he is that kind of character who is not shy to say what he want, despite the consequences.

5. Shamisen

The cat talks. And he, as most cats, is fast in showing what he likes and dislikes and demanding to receive what he wants. He is also fast on perceiving others 'stupidity'.

4. Momotarus

Momotarus is one of my favorites because I can use him as a juvenile character, without much compromise in making him serious or deep. With him, I can just show that kind of childish behavior many times the situation asks for.

3. 1.5 (Eyes) Gundam

Eyes is the serious one. Usually the voice of reason and the one to points the fail in other`s logic, but also someone who can joke from time to time.

2.  Nagato Yuki

The quiet one, the one who are more likely her anime counterpart. Intelligent, powerful and cute. Hardly anything to not like about her. I don`t use her as much as I want to because of the scale, she is bigger than most other characters, but I have new ones were she fits more perfectly, so she will appear more often.

1. Ayanami Rei

I love her, albeit her personality is different from the cold one she shows in her series. She is more lively and feminine, and not shy to crack a joke or throw a punch when needed. I probably use her the most, with Momotarus and Eyes as close seconds.

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