Friday, January 20, 2012

Gaming Sites...

Videogame sites... It is hard to define them. One of their problems is that because most of them are not composed of journalists who like games, but gamers who like journalism. Must of those sites started with a bunch of young people who liked games and the idea of making a site. So they have a humble start, grow, become more 'professional' (at least in the technical side) and start to live of the site income.

And here is where the problems start. See, they need clicks to sell the ad spaces and become profitable.  They need to do what attract readers. So, they can't just not accept the things the game companies send them, like collectors edition and plastic little things. They can't be very careful with the news they handle because they cannot allow the other thousands of sites to be the first to do it.

And worst of all, they are human beings.

They cannot be unbiased because it is against human nature. They can't just be objective because there is memories and emotional attachment to the games and companies they are involved. And they don't have a model to follow.

I am yet to find a game site who is as professional as, let's say', the guys writing the news for a major TV network (exceptions happens, right FOX News?) or major, respected newspaper. Most of them behave like the sports page or a tabloid. It is not easy, and they don't have a big, very professional site to aim for.

It does not mean that the game sites have a 'blank check' to do whatever they want for clicks. We, the readers, must demand of them a minimum ethics and professionalism. It doesn't matter that they claim to not be journalists. If we let, they will never be.

Don't accept what you see as unprofessional or unethical. Don't go to these sites if you perceive they aren't a good site. If we demand a higher standard, we deserve a better standard.

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