Monday, January 9, 2012

Matter of Legends


Another re-run, but this time I gave this one a proper title.

But really, what is the matter with Square Enix to not make a remake? It is not like they would have that much of a job, since most of the FFVII models already have updated versions due to the sequels. prequels and spin-offs. It would not be that expensive nor that much work. They can even give tri-Ace to do the job.

What is really holding Squenix in this matter is that they know that a FFVII remake would generate lots of money, so they are waiting the right time to release it, meaning a time they really are in need of money. And considering their current state, it may be sooner than we think. Damn, I don't even doubt that they have the game almost done hidden somewhere!

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