Saturday, January 21, 2012

Art is in your Eyes

One interesting thing I have learned is that Art is a very individual thing. And I discovered this at Twitter, figures... Art is so subjective, that you cannot create a definition for it that apply to all forms of Art and to every person. I think Picaso's painting are horrible, but many consider him a genius. I mean, some of them look like he stole the art project of a pre-schooler. 

I can understand why gamers want videogames to be recognized as Art. If it is Art, it can't be anymore reason for detriment. Nobody wants to ban paintings, nobody make fun of you for going to the movies. Even comics are not the object of social awkwardness. And gamers want this same respect.

But if you, the individual reading this article call something Art, it is art. If you call something as being something that is not Art, it is not art. You don't need the confirmation of anybody. It is what you call it is. You don't need me, the mass media, the critics, society to confirm your believes.

Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Nowhere else.

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