Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Hollow Man Effect

This is her song.

I remember reading once a short tale about a man who was a scientist, and was of good nature and follower of the laws. After creating an invisibility serum, he start to become corrupted, starting with little crimes and them to rape and murder. Why? Because the enforcers of law couldn't reach him to arrest him. They could not apply laws to him because he was invisible. He was killed after a shot out in the end. I don't remember the author or title of the tale. It was not the H.G. Wells Invisible Man story.

The point is, the certainty of not be punished make even the best of people to be tempted to see how much they can do. This goes to the internet too. The anonymity granted in the web make a lot of people who I wish to believe would be good people behave like complete idiots. Because of this consequence-free nature of the web, many people say and do things here that they don't do in real life.

I doubt that many people is the racist, sexist, bad mouthed creepy that they  seem to be. I really believe that at school and work they would never say and use some words they use in forums and comments section of certain sites. And that goes for all kind of sites, not just games. 

It is something about human nature, I think. Give people freedom to do whatever they want and the very first thing they will do is being complete jerks. But I think we shouldn't be like this, even if you believe you will not being punished by your acts.

Behave like a gentleman and you will be treated like a gentleman. Behave like an asshole and that is the way you be treated.

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