Monday, April 2, 2012

For The Right of Existing

In these days, it seems you cannot have anything nice. Not because you or someone will do something bad with it, but because it seems you cannot be happy with what you have, someone will make sure to take what you like and trash it around (verbally) because you must be dumb to like whatever you like.

Modern Warfare and COD in general receives a lot of flack. While I don't like the series anymore because I grown put of it, I must admit the first one is pretty good and have a great single player campaign. The multiplayer is fun, but I just got tired of it, preferring the most tactical approach of Battlefield. But Modern Warfare is a great game that deserves the praises it receives in my opinion.

But today it seems that if you like COD, you are holding game back, letting developers and publishers kill innovative and artistic games to favor blockbuster, mindless titles. Due to the COD success, now all games tries to be COD. And of course, this is killing gaming. You may play games like Journey for innovation and Mass Effect because of story.

Except that them all the other side will jump at your throat. Those artsy games are killing gameplay for quirk gimmicks. Games are trying to be movies instead of games, with too much time dedicated to the story instead of the gameplay. And this is killing games. You must play real games like COD.

The thing is: I like both kinds of games. Artistic games and games with great stories and also games who are mindless fun with great gameplay. One don't need to kill another, because I want to play both and I don't see why one type of game must die so another can thrive. There is lots of gamers and all of them are different. There is space for all kinds of games, if the industry knows how to market and sell them.

The game industry does not need to be a Thunderdome where only one kind of game can exist. Players don't need to jump at each other throats to have the games they want. This kind of attitude only make the bad image gamers have justifiable.

The fact that you don't like the games I like shouldn't matter. Only the games you like should matter.

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