Friday, April 6, 2012

Solutions Everywhere!

The fact this is the Internet shouldn't have surprised me as much as I am that people seem less inclined to solve their disputes against each other than in real life. Maybe the fact that in real life there is the very real possibility that the other guy have a gun and the will to put a bullet in your skull make many people less inclined to be assholes.

But in the Internet, with all the anonymity and the safeness of distance, make people tending to be more attached to their opinions than they should. They seem to love the idea of putting their ideas on the web, but hate the fact that there is so many people who may disagree with them.

I am not saying that alcohol is a solution. But having a nice talk, without trying to make the other side submit but trying to understand each other (even if you don't agree with each other), seem to be a better thing.

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