Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Want some Chocolate with your Brains?

As I said before, gamers will be among the first victims of zombies in the upcoming zombie apocalypse, if they believe that their mad gaming skillz will protect them against the undead brain-eaters. But to be fair, the fact is, if zombies ever come and follows the classic, stupid, slow, rotting walking corpse formula, probably only the most idiotic people will die.

The truth is, classic zombies are not a real menace, as long as you are smart enough to not stop too long in any place and let you to be surrounded. Otherwise you will survive. That is why in recent days, modern zombies are faster, smarter and have some neat tricks, like the special zombies from Left 4 Dead series that many games decided to implement.

Because, let's face it. Slowly walking towards your target is not a smart strategy. If you die in a zombie apocalypse, it is because you are so stupid that you would have died anyway, probably by jumping from the third floor into the pool, without checking if the pool had water first.

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