Friday, April 20, 2012

My Perfect Day Alone

Wake up when I damn want!;

Fuck bath and putting some clothes!;

Turn on the computer, check e-mail, twitter, my blog;

Discover my blog have reached a new record on visitors!;

Check some websites;

Discover I have enough food on the fridge that I like, so no need to get out of the house to buy something;

Pass all the morning eating and playing games;

Lunch? Eating even more, this time with bacon!;

Tired of games. Make some marathon on TV shows and/or movie series;

Finish marathon, check some more internet;

Back to games;

Dinner time! Pause game;

Internet, update blog, check everything again;


Sleep (likely coma);

Guilt as fuck next day, while bathing and trying to get rid of the bacon smell. Never wanting to be alone ever again.


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