Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why It Bothers You So Much?

From time to time, we hear something along the lines of 'how gays are destroying families' and 'corrupting the society' and shit like that. The thing is, why it bother people so much? What exactly gays, lesbians and any non-heterosexual person do that is so horrible to certain people? Well, the thing is, the only thing they do is being different. They aren't what we are told as 'normal' since we are little. But what real effect do the existence of homosexuals and any person whose sexuality is not the norm have in everyone else?

Easy, there is no effect. First, I believe that nobody is homosexual out of choice. Nobody just choose to be a victim of a very prejudicial society, where you will have a very hard time and be subject of all kinds of  undeserved hate, difficulties to find jobs and relationships just because it is trendy. They are just different and there is nothing wrong with it.

People saying they are a bad influence to the kids also make a mistake. The existence of homosexuality does not make people more prone to be homosexuals. If there was this kind of influence, there would be no gay people from start. The society always pushed for straight relationships, and even when the mere existence of homosexuals were reason enough to punishment and prosecution, homosexuals always existed.

The existence of homosexuality will not turn anyone gay. The acceptance of gay people will not make anyone gay. Even homosexual couples who adopt or use other means to have children have children who grows up to be straight person. And the argument that gay people are more prone to have disease like AIDS are a lie. in my country, the number of gays with AIDS have diminished, while straight people are on the raise.

If a gay guy try to do a move on me, I will just state I am not gay. There is no need to fights, angry words or any kind of hate here, unless the guy keep pushing. And let's face it, even if it was a girl, if she keep pushing it after you said no, it is not OK.

I have learned since an early age that if doesn't affect you, why bother? That two guys walking the street hand on hand changes nothing in my life. That two girls kissing on the park changes nothing in my life. That transsexual going for a miss pageant doesn't affect me. And if doesn't affect me, why should I bother?

During years, mixed couples ringed the wrong bells in people. Many countries had laws against it. They said it was to preserve the culture. Today we say that it is to preserve traditional values, family and things like that. But that is bullshit. How many 'traditional families' do you know that are very unhappy. And I doubt their unhappiness is because there is a gay couple living in the neighborhood.

We live in a society who are based in fear of the different, in hate the different. In old times this was the difference between find the security of the tribe and being eaten by cannibals. Today this is the difference in being close minded and full of hate and being open minded and learn about different people.

I wish all people would learn to stop blind hating others just because. There is no justification in why you should hate someone different from you. Specially when their lives have no effect in your life. be happy in living your life the best way you see fit to yourself. stop trying to enforce your choices in others people.

If each person lived their life for themselves, I am sure the world would be a way better place.

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  1. the lesbian wedding couple is literally my life goal


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