Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7 Tips for an Impressive Cosplay

I like cosplay. The term refer to people who dress up as anime, game and other media characters. The term itself means Costume Play. Some are incredible well done and could be used easily in any live-action adaptation. Others? Not so much. so, here goes some general tips to improve your cosplay.

7. Simple is Sometimes Better

Some of the best cosplays I have ever seem are not very complex. The costume does not need to be over complicated, full of metallic parts or complex stuff. A complex costume can go wrong in many more ways than a simple one. So, starting simple is best. And some of the results can be way more impressive.

6. Be Sure that People can see You are Cosplaying

The greatest fun in cosplay is to see and immediately associate the costume with its origins. I am not talking here to you choose only main stream characters or famous ones. But choose a costume were the people around recognize you are cosplaying. Choosing a character with no distinctive clothing or looks make it hard to the public see you are cosplaying.

5. Attention to Detail

Making a lazy cosplay will probably not get you many fans or photos taken. If you are going to cosplay, it is best to choose either a character you are sure you can full emulate or choose a simple one. Choosing a costume you cannot do in fully will not attract much attention.

4. Be Original

Some characters have being used too much. In any convention, there will be dozens of Gokus, Sailor Moons and others. So, if you want to stand out, best chance is to choose something incommon. It does not need to be complicated, just different.

3. You Don't Need to be Hot or Pretty

The fun of cosplay is looking like the characters. And some characters are far from being the standard of beauty. So, don't feel shy if you are not exactly a super model. Just choose a character who fits your appearance and have fun.

2. You Don't Need to be Slutty to be Pretty

Many people associate cosplay with hot chicks showing skin. No, it is not (or should be not) about how sexy you are, but how well done the cosplay is. It is easy to show cleavage and get attention, but this should not be the objective. A nicely done cosplay should be more than enough to get the attention of onlookers.

1.Choose a Character you Look Alike

Yes, I know you wish to cosplay your favorite characters. But when you don't look like him/her/it at the slightest, you already have a huge disadvantage. So, if you are going to cosplay, unless you want to do a joke, it is better to start with characters that you already have similar traits than trying to make yourself look like someone you have nothing in common.

Oh, and remember to have fun. That must be the biggest objective in cosplaying.


  1. who is the henata cosplayer??

  2. You have some great tips for how to cosplay(especially the one about not cosplaying characters in ordinary clothing).

    But it's incredibly offensive to say that you can't cosplay characters that you don't look like. It excludes a lot of people from cosplaying or give them only very few characters to cosplay. For example if you're poc, there are almost no people of colour in anime(one of the biggest areas of cosplay), or if you're big or overweight, there are almost no characters like that that aren't made fun of. It makes it so that only skinny and pale skinned people can cosplay and how is that fair? No fuck that. Cosplay whoever you want and people who say otherwise are probably very close minded and privileged.


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