Monday, April 2, 2012

It is Time to Learn to Let It Go

Change is inevitable. Everything changes. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, sometimes just to something different. Learning to accept changes and how to cope with them is very important. Learning when something changes and there is nothing you can do is important too. I feel this lesson is something gamers need to learn soon.

I can understand why there is so much love to the point of it being irrational from gamers to games. Games are expensive, so is gaming in general. When you spend so much money in it, you need to justify every buying and every expense. Also, being a gamer is something that many people define themselves. It is part of their identity, of who they are and why they are like that.

So, it is no surprise when changes happens, there is fear. When you passed a long time in yous life defining yourself by your hobby, it become harder to change and to accept change. Like a sports fan who keep cheering a team whose glory days have passed and they haven't won a championship in decades, many gamers, despite gaming have changed so much that the kind of games they loved are different or no more, they refuse to accept it.

They keep waiting for the 'return to form', to see their beloved franchises become again what they loved so much at first. But they also changed, and even when there is a return to the old, it is not the same thing, because they are not the same person.

Now it feels like many of them are stuck in a bad relationship. Like a couple whose love is long gone, but stay together because they are used to it. They are unhappy, both of them, but fear to try to find happiness elsewhere. They still hope to one day all that magic that joined them reappears, and cling in this vain hope.

Many gamers long for the return of the glory days of the past. And while they wait for it, games keep going in a different direction. People changed. New gamers are different from old gamers. They eager for different things. For things that aren't what the old gamers want.

So, instead of moving on with their lives and accepting it, they become angry and sad, demanding a return to that old day that may never come back. Maybe it is time to let it go. Accept that they will not receive what they want. Starting anew and letting the old behind.

It may be hard. Again, it is letting a part of yourself disappear. Accepting that what you loved so much about games is not here now.  Instead of staying in an unhappy relationship, break apart and keep the good memories. Insisting in it will be just more painful.

If what is offered to you today is unpleasant, why accept it? Why keeping spending time, money and energy in something you don't like anymore? Let it go, I say. Stop frustrating yourself in this bad relationship and both of you can move along. Free yourself of the chains you created.

Games changed. They will never go back to be what they were. If this is not what you want, it is fine. Just, let it go.

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