Sunday, April 15, 2012


We love to show superiority. It is one of those primitive things that still permeate our brains. That need to be the alpha, the one who is better than everyone else. Games have this tendency too. 'We have more weapons', 'more cars', 'more modes', 'hundreds of play hours'. That kind of thing. Of course, having more is not equal to be better. I particularly prefer to have few of a great thing than many of a so-so thing.

Take fighting games, for example. Many gamers and developers put a lot of importance in the roster size, and then we ended up with games that have 50+ playable characters but all play very similarly. I honestly prefer to have fewer fighters that have a unique play style. Quality over quantity.

Ah well... I have made a small stop-motion video, just to see how hard it is. It is very, very hard. I took more than  an hour to make this 30s video. It make you respect the guys who did this kinda of thing before digital cameras and PCs. I plan to do a new one next weekend, this time a real video. Well, you can see the test video below. Wish me luck.

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