Sunday, April 29, 2012

Out of Ideas

I want thank my twitter friend teh_tommy for inspiring me on this one.

Originality is a good thing, but that does not means it is something necessary. Many people criticized Sony brawler All-Stars Battle Royale as being just a copy of Nintendo's Smash Bros. The funny thing is the people throwing those accusations around haven't played the game. Most people who have, told us that the game have a very different feel than Smash, and that you don't feel like playing Nintendo's brawler.

And even if it was, if originality was something we really demanded, we would not have so many FPS, because they all are based on the same mechanics and principles that id Software defined years ago. If the Sony brawler is obviously following Nintendo's formula, but here is the thing: if you don't have a Nintendo console, you cannot play Smash Bros. Sony is providing the chance to PS3 owners to have a similar experience. And if they make a great game, even if it is a clone, I don't see why that is bad.

I prefer a thousand times to play a good clone game than a bad original title. Of course, if you can have both, the better, but if originality was a requisite to any,book, or any creative product, we would have nothing to play, see or read. 

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