Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maybe Both?

I loved playing table RPGs at high school. I was usually the Dungeon Master of our Dungeons and Dragons sessions, but as we grown up and other things come in I stopped playing. I miss those sessions, as RPGs are great games to exercise imagination and group work instead of competition as most board games do.

Many people take it as one of those 'nerd' and 'geek' things. But as many of those things who were victim of prejudice some time ago, as nerd culture become somewhat fashion, maybe the table RPG will become popular (or more popular, I am not sure in what state it is today).

But as everything, the problem is not liking it. It is excess. Everything in excess can be dangerous. You can even die by drinking too much water. All in moderation is the key. I knew many people whose devotion to those games were borderline insane (if not already insane). But the same can be said to things like religion (who probably have more insane people and certainly caused more deaths and troubles than any RPG).

But I think it is an interesting parallel between RPG and life. Our life are composed of random events and events beyond our power to influence, and yet we have to make choice based on what happens around us, liking it or not.

Damn, now I want to play a session of D&D... 

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