Saturday, March 17, 2012


I was wondering yesterday if I should import my Mass Effect 2 save file to Mass Effect 3. I am kinda unhappy as how my game ended but I am in no mood to play it all over again just to make everything right. It is a fact of life, you know? Not being able to change the past. And here I am, being able to, but no willing to.

When I played Heavy Rain, I could see why David Cage said he didn't wanted people replaying the game. It is a much powerful experience if you just accept the facts. And today is very easy to reload a save file and not having to deal with your choices in games.

So, in the end, I decided to bite the bullet and load my save file and live, or better yet, accept that my choices will be carried as they were, not as I wan to. It will be an interesting experience.

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