Saturday, March 31, 2012


I think I have already talked about not letting others opinions (some call them 'reviews', for reasons only them know) privy yourself from enjoying something. People are all different and what is the trash for some can be the treasure for others. And today is another day I discovered how true this is.

I avoided buying Ace Combat: Assault Horizon at launch because of the lukewarm (at best) reception by gamers. Many complaining it is so far from the other Ace Combat games that it is not Ace Combat (may be true) and therefore unworthy playing. That it is full of quick time events and segments were you don't fly a jet. That is not a very good game.

Man, how I am happy to be able to buy it! It is a great game! I am having a blast in each mission, even the chopper ones! They are not as exciting as the jet missions, sure, but they are nice too. The quick time events, all of them, are not 'fail or die' QTE, and have no interference in the game at all. It is not also a 'hand holder', you need to be in your toes all the time and have lots of ability to thrive (sure, not the same level of skill a realistic simulator would require). The graphics are gorgeous. The satisfaction of seeing your F-14 destructing a MiG-29 is incredible.

I am glad to have given a chance for this game. And I paid half the price for a brand new copy. So, I tell you: do not let other people's opinion stop you from giving anything, from food to movies to games, a chance. Sure, you can regret it, but you may regret even more for not giving it a chance and discover you missed a great thing because others told you to.

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