Friday, March 16, 2012

Hating Without Tasting

As seen here.

DON'T...ask. Just don't.

How do you know if a food is good? Take, for example, tutu à mineira, a typical Brazilian dish. By name alone, you cannot say if is a disgusting food made out of rotten stuff or if it is delicious. If I tell you it is made with bacon, sausage, beans, eggs and corn flour, maybe it became more appetizing. But you will only know for sure after tasting it.

The same goes for games. How you can say for sure a game sucks? Only if you play it. Recently, I heard a lot of people criticizing Lollipop Chainsaw, the game I am waiting the most this year. They criticize the sex appeal of the game. I am OK with that. In the same way I will understand someone refusing to eat tutu à mineira because of the pork in it for philosophical and/or religious believe, I understand this game striking certain sensibilities and accept it.

What I don't accept is people saying the gameplay suck, except if those people had played the game. Except most people just say 'the gameplay look like it sucks, looking at the video'. The only way you can say a game sucks is after playing it. There is no way to say gameplay sucks based just in the trailers.

So, before criticizing something, be sure to know what you are criticizing. You can only dislike food you have eaten, and games you have played.

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