Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Don't Get It

As I said before, I am not a fan of Legend of Zelda. It is not that I think the games are bad, I just fail to see what people like about it. Wait, scrap that. There is nothing wrong with me or with other people. We have all the right to like or dislike anything.

I was reading some comments in this VG24/7 article an crossed over someone saying that if you do no like Journey, you just don't get it. I disagree. You may just don't like it. This sentence, the 'you don't get it' is full of arrogance. I may have used it before, so I ask forgiveness. Now I understand I was wrong in using it. Because this sentence imply that the one using it is more intelligent or clever or superior in some form to the recipient of such phrase.

But that is far from true. People are different. We all have grown in different houses, neighborhoods, countries and even in different decades. So, we all have grown with different experiences, values and influences. It is because we cannot demand of other to have the same experiences that we cannot demand they also have the same understanding we had about something.

We can tell our own experiences and perceptions, yes. But what we perceive and experience is not an isolated event. It is consequence of the way we grown, learn and analyze. It is not something we can pass on other peoples easily. And just saying 'you don't get it' hardly helps.

Expecting people so different from yourself to experience something, to have the same feelings and reactions as you is naive at best and arrogant at worst. It is sometimes just an attempt to feel superior against other person, claiming you may have some higher mind and that inferior beings cannot enjoy what you enjoy.

That is not the case. sometimes people are just different and genuinely don't have the same understanding others may have. It is fine to other people to not 'get it'. It is fine to you to 'not get it'. But belittling people for not liking what you like just make you a douche.

Or maybe you just don't get it.

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