Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Theme of the Moment

Lollipop Chainsaw, an upcoming game made by famous developer Grasshopper Manufacture is drawing attention to itself because of the revealing selection of outfits for main character Juliet Starling. Many gamers love them, others are dismayed by what they see as an attempt to use sex to sell the game.

I understand both sides. Some people have different sensibilities than me, and therefore they can be offended by this kind of content. But this remind me a Christmas episode of South Park, where the city try to create a non-offensive Christmas. But because everyone can be offended by something, they basically ended up killing the holiday.

I think if games start to avoid all kind of themes because it may be offensive to someone, we will ended up without games all together. I don't doubt that even Tetris may offend someone. I am not saying we should just don't manifest our concerns with those kind of thing, but that we need to think if it is worth to forgot certain themes in order to not offend people.

I think the female body is beautiful and I like to look at it. But that don't make me sexist and/or misogynist. I know that women deserve the same respect men deserve. If I started treating women as mere objects to be looked at, them I would agree that those kind of games are bad. But I don't.

So, I will keep playing games that I think are good. And will not play games I think are bad, and I include in bad games, games that have a hurtful message. If Lollipop Chainsaw ended up being a game based solely on sex, I will regret buying it. But if ended up being a fun game, than I am sorry if it offends you. But my respect for you will remain the same.

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