Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanks, Warner Games Brasil!

Remember that old post I done about not just complaining, but also to tell others when good things happen? Well, guess what? I sent a mail to Warner Games Brasil(we, Brazilians, write Brazil with an 's'), asking them when Lollipop Chainsaw would come here, and if the Premium Edition would be available. I was not expecting an answer at all, or at least a 'no comments' after weeks of waiting.

Less than 48 hours after sending the mail, they called me to answer.

They called at my phone! I am not some big gaming site writer, just a normal customer, and yet they called me to answer my question! And they confirmed to me that they intend to launch the game, including premium edition (or at least, they plan to do it) in August!

I may praise them for their prompt answer and for taking a game like this over here. Of course, they could use the sex appeal of the game to sell, but it is nice to see a game from an unknown (around here) developer and bringing it. Hope they also bring all the costumes available in Japan too.

Lollipop Chainsaw is the game I am looking most this year. It seems to be incredible fun, making a great parody of all the staples of  zombie killing games (and games themselves). Even Juliet seems to be a mockery of games and movies heroines.

If this game have great gameplay, fun writing and not base itself only in hot protagonist, it can be the best game this year. One can hope.

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