Thursday, March 8, 2012

Respect: Everyone Deserves It

Today is International Women's Day. I kinda don't like this date. Not because I think that there isn't a Men's Day or that women don't deserve respect and appreciation. I don't like it because I think women deserve respect every single day of the year, all the time. I don't like that people only remember to give the due respect to half (and probably more) of the human population only one day of the year.

I don't like that there is a Women's Day, because there is several other groups (some of them who are equally discriminated) that deserve a day to be remembered. Jews, black people, gypsies (don't know the right name for the group), Latinos, immigrants, Muslims (after 9/11, I consider them victims of prejudice), Native Americans, homosexuals and several other groups where victims of persecution and prejudice. And most of them don't have that special day to remember them.

If every persecuted group had it's one day in the year, we would  need longer years...

And I am not saying that we should create each one a day to be remembered. We must remember them all year, and remember to respect them all year. They are all human beings and should be treated as such. I hate the fact that we classify human beings in different groups as if the fact someone are born in certain places, have certain believes or certain traditions make them less or more than other, deserving less or more respect.

We are all made of the same basic components, basically water, carbon and small quantities of other things. All people have the same potential, given the chance. We should stop concentrating so much in what make us different from each others and remember what make us similar. I want people to remember we all can feel happiness, sadness, fear, anger and love. I want people to remember that everyone can be able to do the most selfless act and the most horrible crime. Create the most beautiful art and the most deplorable destruction.

I think women deserve respect today. And respect they deserve all the days we live. And I think every human being deserve this respect every day, till the end of days. 

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