Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Error has Occurred...

I once said that if electricity stops working because of some kind of weird physics event the world as we know it would be doomed. My little sister uses the net to make arrangements with her friends. She said once that some of them she only can reach by web. And she may not be the only one. I wonder how many people is so dependent on the web today that passing a week without it would have real life consequences.

I am talking about that because my web was off yesterday, but thankfully was just in need of some cable plugging and unplugging. I wonder how much I would miss if something happened and the internet disappeared. Goodbye blog, Twitter and You Tube.

In other hand, hello books, movies, single player games. Maybe I would be fine. But still, is a bit scary knowing that people are so dependent in certain modernity. How would society re-adequate itself if, for example, a huge solar flare fry all electronics devices.

Maybe it is better not talk about such omens. The mayans was just out of rocks... Yeah, that is it. Hehehehehe....

We are all going to DIE!!!!

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