Sunday, March 18, 2012

And Put Some Bears Since We are Doing it Anyway...

Yesterday a friend of mine at Twitter said he love Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. It is weird to see it because of all the rage it got because players simply decided that this component would be shit and detrimental to the single player campaign. If the reviews are to go by, it seems that the multiplayer is quiet good, albeit not mind blowing and the main campaign is also quite good.

It is funny to see how fast gamers will dismiss something as unnecessary, stupid and even shit without even giving it a chance. Most games I played who were single player games and then received a multiplayer component didn't decreased its quality because of it. Yes, the multiplayer usually is not memorable, but usually is not as shit as they wanted to be.

The problem with this mentality of casting judgement before trying is that many times you will already start the game with a bad disposition. Something that could be great will be unfairly judged because the player already decided to not give a chance to it. So, because some gamers close their minds to new experiences, they will have a hard time to enjoy it later.

What I am saying is to reserve judgement upon obtaining knowledge. Don't deem a game shit before playing it. You could be gladly surprised. Otherwise, you can be missing some great things because of an ill disposition.

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