Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Like and Dislike About Next PlayStation Rumors

So, rumors about Sony next console gained new force today, with this new one. It seems that it will be powerful enough to do 4 times the 1080p resolution, will have Blu-ray, AMD processors and anti-used games systems. It is code-named Orbis. I like the code-name, and hope that the PlayStation Orbis to be a thing. And here is what I like about it:

- No fancy chipsets: It is good for players because it is good for developers. It means that it will be easier to code for it and so multiplatform titles should not suffer in the Orbis as it was common in the PS3, and likely will reduce development costs;

- Blu-ray is still there: Good for players who don't have fast broadband connection, as it means we still will be able to just go to a store and buy our games. and I hope they put a really fast drive this time;

- No PS3 compatibility: OK, I know a lot of people see this as a negative. But if I really want to keep playing PS3 games, I will just keep my PS3. This is good news because it means that they can have a starter price for the Orbis lower than the PS3 had, as it will not have the Cell processor in it, basically turning it in two consoles and priced as such. And cheap consoles from start means better sales and more games in long term.

And the one thing I hate about this rumor:

- Anti-used games systems: Apparently, if this rumor is true, once you started the game on your console, the disc will be locked to the PSN account that it run first. It is stupid, as it will do more harm than good. It have a good chance to create bothering and unnecessary extra steps to play the damn games. I doubt it will help to sell more games and I predict that this will be hacked in weeks.

Now, if they do just the second part, than this can turn to be a good thing. if they allow us to optionally download a digital copy of the game we bought in-disc, then locking the disc, I am all for it. The disc can be stored as a back-up copy, and when you decide to sell the disc, you would need to uninstall the digital copy first. In this case it can be a win-win situation.

But if they really do anything to kill the used market like that, then I doubt it will be a success. I might even buy a damn Wii-u (hahahaahahaha), if the thing allow me to play used games. You heard me, Microsoft and Sony? I will not buy your damn machine if you use any anti-used game system! Scrap that and give me the rest and we can talk.

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