Sunday, March 25, 2012


Envy is a funny thing. We all wish things we cannot have. It is part of our nature. It can be very positive you you use your envy to work hard and get what you want. It can be pretty awful, if all you do is trying to make other people don't have the thing you cannot. Or worse, by trying to not allow other people to have what you have.

When many former PlayStation exclusives become multiplatform, many 'fans' got enraged, accusing the developers and publishers of betraying them. The funny thing is that they would not be deprived of the game they claim to love, only of the bragging rights about being able to play the games in their platform of choice while others can't.

It does not matter if they are unaffected by a game going multiplatform, it seems to not matter that more people can play the game, making more money to the company and allowing them to do more games for everyone. The bragging rights seems to be more important. Many Xbox owners praise the greater number of exclusives on the 360, despite many not being that great to begin with. But again, the bragging is what matters here.

Bragging rights is just a hollow 'victory', empty of any real meaning or worth in it. Specially when the braggers did nothing to deserve it. And instead of enjoying what they have, these envy people prefer to have a meaningless thing like that to make them feel less miserable.

I said once that it should not matter where you play your games or what you play. If you enjoy them, then it is perfect. But the moment when it is more important to be happy for others shortcomings, it is the moment you need to serious evaluate yourself.

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