Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movies Can Get Away With That?

The double standard between game violence and movie violence is easier to understand when you remember that several networks owns movie studios and they will do anything to protect their profit sources from interference. The funny thing is that I know way more movies with gratuitous gore and violence than games doing the same.

But movies don't have just the backup of the news networks. They also have the backup of the people who do the movies. Actors, directors, producers, all of those people will use their fame to protect their own jobs from any attempt of external control. And we must admit that Shigeru Miyamoto is not as popular as Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie.

Since Final Destination the number of movies whose main selling point is the creative and gore of their deaths raised. Games didn't seem to have followed the trend, which is good. Even Mortal Kombat don't see to be as creative and unnecessary as certain movies.

I am not against violence in movies or games. Neither I am against those gore fest movies. I am against censorship. But it trouble me a bit when I see movies who are violent for the sake of violent being so popular this days. I hope it is just me seeing to much in  the matter.

Because it is fucking troublesome to see someone saying how cool was that beheading.

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