Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Just a Little Bit of Hypocrisy

It is funny how people trying to say something is bad for others only mean it if it is not them the ones providing you with it. Here in Brazil we have too many Televangelist shows. I have nothing in particular against any kind of religion. I dislike is how much of a commerce faith has become, and because of that how much time of those shows are spent trying to convince you to acquire their 'products'.

Holy salt, earth from Jerusalem, water from the Galilea Sea, those kind of things. It can be all yours if you phone them. And them come the greatest hypocrisy of all. One particular church sells cable subscription. It is a real thing. And their priests speaks at length how TV corrupt the young minds. Of course, not all channels are available there, but there is some like Discovery, that is funny because they question a lot of dogmas, and Nickelodeon, that is home from some quite controversial (to them) characters like SpongeBob. But since it is being sold by the church, it must be ok, right?

On a side note, today a friend of mine bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 in a small box shop. The guy gave us his card. This is what was written there. Seems legit.

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