Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not Exactly Rocket Science

Sometimes, less is more. Simple is better. Many games make simple things overly complicated. RPGs are specialized in this kind of thing. Want to use a potion? Open menu. Find the right tab. Select item. The game asks (sometimes twice!) if you are sure about using the item. Sigh. This is specially common when you want to exit the game. Some games asks three times if you are sure you want to quit.

Others use insane combination of buttons to do what would be supposed to be simple tasks. Want to open a door? Keep R1 pressed and them press A+b till door open.  Some game designers have this weird need to use different buttons layout just for the sake of difference. It is unnecessary and bothersome.

Others use incredible convoluted storytelling techniques, making you always wondering what the fuck is happening. Some of the great stories told are very simple at its core.

What I am trying to say is that complexity does not always mean something good. Sometimes, using the basic is more than enough to create a great experience.

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