Monday, February 6, 2012

PETA (rerun)

I am a veterinary by formation. Have visited my fair share of farms and slaughter houses. I can completely guarantee you that most places are NOT torture sites for animals. Most of those places treats animals kindly and take their well fare as much as anyone do. They do their best to make the animals live in comfort and tranquility and to die painless. That is, of course, most places I know. 

And yes, there is places where animals are mistreated and we must not tolerate that. The best way, of course, is to not buy products from such precedence and inform people who those people are. But keep in mind, not every farm and slaughter house are horrible, inhumane places. 

If you blindly believe PETA, there is no such place and you must go vegan. Oh, and you cannot use leather and keep a pet. Of course, PETA have horrible videos about how horrible are the places who raise animals for commercial purposes. But then, those videos are nit picked to make a shocking impression in the viewers and PETA do their hardest to convince the viewer that those are the rule, not the exception. 

I am against some things humans do to animals. I am against hunting when you have the option of acquiring meat from farms, or because of the fur. I am against animal fighting for sport, like cocks and dog rings. I am against people who kills or abandon newly born animals because they don't want them. I am against people who hurts animals for the laughs. 

But I don't approve PETA and their terrorist tactics, their misleading campaigns and their bullying attitude. The greatest problem is that it make legitimate organizations trying to warn people against animal abuses seem all a bunch of misinformed lunatics. I am all for ethical treatment of animals. But it does not mean that I need to go vegan. Farms and slaughter houses are not a circle of animal hell. Believe me. 

We all must take care of animal well being. But the PETA's way is not the right way.

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