Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Entitlement is a guarantee that you will have access to a benefit due law. Like right to free speech or to not be killed because you look funny. Self-entitlement is asking for a privilege or reward that you don't deserve or have any right to. And boy, 'gamers' (I still want to believe that those guys aren't true gamers, but just some no-live pricks) are some of the most self-entitled crowd I ever met.

You paid $60 for a game. You have the right to receive this game, to play it from beginning to end and even to complain about it. All fair till now. You don't have the right to bully and harass someone because of your opinion. You don't have the right  to create fake accounts in an attempt to demonize someone. You are just being childish at best, a total asshole at worst.

You also don't have any right about decisions made by the creators of the games you play. They can allow other companies to manufacture and sell interpretations of their characters, like dolls, books, movies and other things. You have the right to not buy them. But not the right to demand they don't do it. It is their creations, not yours.

So, please. Stop being a bunch of self-entitled kids. The world doesn't turns around you.

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